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90 Milliliter

Soothing protective face kit.

Remedy Defence Cream 60ml (normal price 90chf)+

Remedy Oil 30ml (normal price 69chf).

The professional, fragrance-free solution for sensitive, sensitized and redness-prone skin. The soothing protective oil is the ideal S.O.S treatment for the areas that need the most care, such as dry patches, irritations, roughness. The soothing cream, with a barrier-effect texture, nourishes and calms even the driest and most delicate skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: DEFENSE CREAM: Marvel of Peru, Marula oil, Natural-Origin Prebiotic: Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is a prebiotic derived from natural sugars and has a defense action. The oligosaccharide, working as a prebiotic, protects the integrity of the skin’s natural flora, thereby reinforcing the microorganisms which cohabit the surface of the skin. 92% natural-origin ingredients. OIL: Marula oil, Almond oil, Sesame oil, Jojoba oil. 99% of natural origin ingredients

BENEFITS: DEFENSE CREAM: Fragrance-Free. Barrier Texture. 
Soothing, Protective, Nourishing Actions. Without Silicones.

OIL: Ideal as a sos treatment, Soothing, protective, nourishing action
Silicones-free. Fragrance-free